Stand Out For Good

By: Madisen Hill

Welcome to my first fashion blog post!

     To be honest, when I was growing up, I despised shopping. A girl’s trip to the mall with my mom and sister really meant me rushing into each store to find a chair to sit in while everyone else shopped. Can anyone else relate? (One day, Kurt Warner had the same idea. Perks to growing up in St. Louis? I got to hang out with Kurt Warner in the store’s relaxation spot, while his wife, my sister, and my mom tried on their favorite items.) Fortunately, as I got older, I discovered my own kind of style… and that’s when shopping became one of my favorite things to do! To kick off the first of many fashion posts, I wanted to share with you a brand that I LOVE to wear and I’m sure I will be featuring it on my blog quite often!

‍Jacket: Forever 21 ( )

     It is called Altar’d State. Their mission statement? “Serving as an inspiration, empowering others by giving more than we receive, we stand out for good to glorify God.” Now, I could spend days shopping in this store and never want to leave. From their wide selection of boho chic dresses, to some of the cutest boots for the fall season, to décor for your house, to books written by some of my favorite Christian authors, THIS. STORE. HAS. EVERYTHING.

     An added bonus? They are always giving back to the community by giving a percentage of some of your purchase to non-profit organizations that they support, so you can give back and shop at the same time!

     Of course, my favorite part of the store is the Christian music soundtrack that plays while you browse. Hey Altar’d State, need to add some new music to your mix? Let me know ;)

     This is just a sneak peak of what I will be featuring on my fashion blog posts! My favorite stores, the places I like to support, and the brands that make my closet complete. Have some questions or want to see something specific on the blog? Send me a message! I’d love to hear from you!

     Make sure to follow Altar’d State on Instagram (@altardstate) and check out their blog by going to

‍Bracelet: Shop Knotty ( )
Pants & Shirt: Altar’d State ( )



Shirt & Ring: Altar’d State ( )
‍Pants & Shirt: Altar’d State ( )

‍Shirt: Altar’d State ( )